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Shenti and adjl: An erotic fanfic
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SchmensWife508/21 10:40AM
So, uh.... The Duck Dynasty cookies are actually really, really goodKrow_Incarnate68/21 10:35AM
I pretty much spent the day playing Stick of Truth *some spoilers or whatever*Death_Of_Effie78/21 10:27AM
IYO, is there such a thing as "objective moral"?
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KainReaver109288/21 10:23AM
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I would swallow my pride, I would choke on the rinds...keyblader198558/21 10:02AM
I am surprised at the poll today.VioletZer048/21 9:56AM
Been working too hard lately. Can someone bring me up to speed about Zoe Quinn?
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VioletZer0518/21 9:51AM
If we started posting weird Al's "word crimes" every time someone posted badlyASlaveObeys38/21 9:40AM
Seeing as you can double post, I wonder if you can dodecuple post.
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Elestriel138/21 9:38AM
"Luther" - That escalated quickly. (spoilers)SunWuKung42068/21 9:31AM