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My God It's Freezing!aDirtyShisno512/26 8:20AM
Looking through my old screenshot archives (2000+ screenshots) and I see a trendJudgmenl312/26 8:12AM
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Just bought a PS4.
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Dynalo1212/26 8:02AM
playstation network still down?unplugmodemo612/26 7:57AM
Where can I get one of THESE?!Metalsonic66412/26 7:55AM
How are the Persona rpg games?
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MechaKirby3812/26 7:52AM
Baby Jesus stolen from nativity display, replaced with severed pig's headFar-Queue612/26 7:48AM
your reaction: everything goes digital in 5-10 years
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I want to stay in bed, but I'm also hungry...papercup212/26 7:40AM
Destiny is a terrible gameCSRouge96212/26 7:38AM
Sports Discussion Topic #106: Tanksgiving Leftovers
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It's interesting how Christians believe that Jesus was born today.
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WastelandCowboy2312/26 7:34AM
I just watched "The Giver" (spoilers)Action53812/26 7:32AM
You ever wish you were asexual?
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Muscles_4201312/26 7:28AM
The pilot episode of Seinfeld is not that good
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Kanakiri2612/26 7:23AM
For those of you who know the content of John 1...SkynyrdRocker312/26 7:19AM
Yesterday, I played Strip Magic the Gathering, then earned my red wings, AMA
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lihlih3112/26 7:18AM