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If someone bum-rushes you, is that enough reason to Kill them? (Poll)
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Full Throttle248/23 2:53AM
Upstream ColorFellWolf28/23 2:53AM
Give me a random Booru tag to look upJoanOfArcade18/23 2:52AM
Man, the season 3 finale of The Legend of Korra was so great
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frybrain0094198/23 2:50AM
Look at what this Police Officer said about Protesters!! Should he be fired?? (Poll)Full Throttle58/23 2:48AM
Your girlfriend just got a haircut. Her hair is shorter than yours.
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JaH Reborn638/23 2:47AM
Shout to my homeboy Sarcasthma.Storrac98/23 2:45AM
pancakes of waffles?
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AmeliaJane16218/23 2:45AM
Here's a couple pictures of bugs I took recently. Please tell me what you think.SIvIart_USMC28/23 2:40AM
I ate like 9 ferrero rocher chocolates todayJulia_Jules68/23 2:24AM
there is a guy passed out on my bedRoboDudeBro58/23 2:15AM
Does the "Quarter and String Trick" work on vending machines?
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JamaalCharles39328/23 2:13AM
So, I watched a Game Grumps video, and...Kanakiri78/23 2:11AM
I have an actual date tomorrow. >_>
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Jen0125178/23 2:07AM
Well passed my drug test
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__Muscles__118/23 1:57AM
your name starts with? (Poll)
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Ogurisama168/23 1:57AM
Lindsay Lohan is visibly embarrassed as she couldn't pay for her $2500 Bar Tab.. (Poll)
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Full Throttle248/23 1:53AM
Do you like Geico commercials? (Poll)
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Krow_Incarnate168/23 1:49AM
Replaying Ghost Trick is letting me see all the hidden references to my identityDeltaBladeX78/23 1:43AM
I have a pick up line with 90% success rate
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Lootman148/23 1:40AM