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Say we start exploring the galaxy, and we find planets with life on them but
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First pic on set of X-Men Apocalypse. It's Jubilee and Jean and it's in the 80's
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What's the correct way to pronounce the last name of this guy?
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Why Do I Have To Be Punished With Life...?aDirtyShisno75/1 7:43AM
Where is ZessT and Magus10???
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That microsoft thing things I am 64 years old.rgonautweekend45/1 7:24AM
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A Mother REGRETS telling her Baltimore Rioter Son to turn himself in..See Why!!! (Poll)
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Random Steam Key.Umitencho35/1 6:49AM
This Detroit Prosecutor said to SHOOT the Baltimore Rioters!! (Poll)
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I'm going to my first karaoke bar tonight!kratosdakota345/1 6:41AM
FTL is too random/luck based.
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You are given 15 billion to buy one of these movie franchises.... (Poll)
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This Is A Taco (Poll)I_Abibde15/1 5:44AM
YOU, you are my favorite poster on PotD.SkynyrdRocker95/1 5:22AM
They say people with bad handwriting have good hearts
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