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How do you feel when people misuse reflexive pronounsJokePoster23/31 10:31PM
Better Call Saul!
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SpeeDLeemon1203/31 10:30PM
Whose the better ladies man Biden or Clinton? (Poll)GFqsGangster13/31 10:27PM
im looking at the doa 5 last round reviewsmayu78043/31 10:26PM
This Mom was called Abusive for looking for a SUIT for her 5 y/o Daughter!!.. (Poll)Full Throttle53/31 10:15PM
Which religion do you believe in? (Poll)
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gordanchoong213/31 10:14PM
I'm gay.WindMouseHanpan43/31 10:13PM
Should I be avoiding this board if I don't want to be 'April Fooled' tomorrow?EclairReturns33/31 10:08PM
would anyone have liked to see the april fools poll...Playsaver53/31 10:03PM
how is my phone's battery dead?quigonzel53/31 9:53PM
April Fools day is probably my least favorite day of the year.DelectableTears103/31 9:48PM
Where is the hidden option?GanonsSpirit13/31 9:44PM
I'm getting a really bad shooting pain in my side every time I get upBNVshark12353/31 9:39PM
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Maxox393/31 9:36PM
I wish finger nail painting wasn't considered 'feminine' for men .
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DirtBasedSoap113/31 9:36PM
Breaking News: Obama to proclaim himself King.Mr_Snorlax198693/31 9:35PM
Sam or Dean Winchester? Who's better? (Poll)
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Milleyd303/31 9:28PM
Huh... So my female coworker is a lesbian.
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LeetCheet243/31 9:27PM
Anybody remember the teen who was denied a heart transplant...bulbinking63/31 9:26PM
Excessive Ponies Topic XXVIII Excessive Purges Edition (Poll)
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GanonsSpirit523/31 9:24PM