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Do you think we will ever see a Marvel vs. Capcom 4? (Poll)HealthyLunatic210/20 6:46AM
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Why didn't I start watching Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood sooner
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BNVshark1232110/20 6:43AM
Are you a compulsive reloader in video games that have guns?
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bachewychomp3210/20 6:42AM
What happened to Morgan Webb?BigOlePappy410/20 6:39AM
ITT: List your top 5 most played Steam games by hours.
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CyborgSage00x02510/20 6:33AM
What's your favorite turn-based Tactics game?
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Raganork104110/20 6:26AM
Does DC really not get what's making the Marvel Cinematic Universe so good???saspa410/20 6:17AM
Final Fantasy X was the decline of the series
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JoanOfArcade4510/20 6:07AM
I just saw a story on the news about Anita Sarkeesianfaramir77910/20 6:07AM
Way too adorable:
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saspa1310/20 6:00AM
Inspired by JanwayDaahl's topic, what kind of toothbrush do you have? (Poll)
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WastelandCowboy1110/20 6:00AM
Woah Woah Woah. Whoever put this poll up should lose 3 karma!hotshotgames1010/20 5:59AM
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Hot showers seem to always help my headaches...EternalNether410/20 5:22AM
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If a girl has ebola is she still a 919?
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Last_Wordz2010/20 4:50AM
Describe your high school experience with a video game title.
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BigOlePappy3410/20 4:49AM
White Lesbian says it is Unfair she has to raise a Black child and wants money! (Poll)
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Full Throttle2710/20 4:47AM