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huh... Romney actually sort of nailed itTroll_Police_212/18 6:44PM
I found out I had sex with my parents.FellWolf312/18 6:44PM
It's cold in the house, my hands are cold and I'm tempted to touch my wife'sMelon_Master812/18 6:44PM
Dynamic Leveling in RPGs, yay or nay? (Poll)darcandkharg311012/18 6:42PM
God the ads on mobile are awful.justaseabass712/18 6:42PM
Streaming Battle Network 2!
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Gamechamp3k2512/18 6:38PM
PotD Christmas Gifting Event 2014
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DeltaBladeX2512/18 6:37PM
What is your non-alcoholic & alcoholic beverage of choice.
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BigOlePappy1912/18 6:37PM
When Bill Cosby dies, do you think he'll be given a pass for his alleged crimes?OmegaM812/18 6:36PM
Gosh darnit I love you guysmootoast612/18 6:35PM
My kids have started watching Chowder...quigonzel512/18 6:35PM
So Starbomb 2 came out today...
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raymanfan11212/18 6:34PM
My girlfriend found out I had sex with her parentsTroll_Police_512/18 6:34PM
Figures VII is in the lead on the PotD.
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KamariaK1812/18 6:33PM
Sports Discussion Topic #106: Tanksgiving Leftovers
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Uptown Funk (Bruno Mars) has some distinctly Michael Jackson momentsraymanfan1312/18 6:33PM
My girlfriend found out her parents had sex.Chef_Excellence312/18 6:33PM
Is PotD your most visited forum? (Poll)
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Do fat Catholics go to catholic heaven? (Poll)
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kratospwnsnoobz1912/18 6:31PM
I went and looked up an old friend from an old site that's been gone for 5 yearsJudgmenl112/18 6:30PM