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Is Pasquale a cool name for a kid?
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Lokarin114/16 11:21AM
I just won $10000 from a scratch off
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HellHole_454/16 11:15AM
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Your internet history from your entire life is shown to everyone you knowjedirood94/16 10:49AM
ACTUAL funniest potder contest. Bracket #3 (Poll)
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Troll_Police_864/16 10:30AM
Scruffy looking nerf herderJoanOfArcade54/16 10:27AM
looks like every star wars character gets a comic book now....NightMareBunny64/16 10:16AM
You can now only speak these two languages, and absolutely no othersTheWorstPoster34/16 10:07AM
Wife ordered me an entire case of Andy Capp's Cheddar Fries.
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brisashi124/16 10:04AM
I need a new Android launcher. aviate went to s***.HellHole_54/16 10:02AM
best Roger disguise?Muscles54/16 10:01AM
who the hell keeps attacking PSN?
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Zikten114/16 9:40AM
Story from dinner last night with the lady.
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kratosdakota3134/16 9:39AM