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Ugh potd I just built like the sexiest computer ever but I cant boot it up
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TwyliteSprinkle3212/19 5:30PM
Nice of the princess to invite us over for a picnic...AwesomeTurtwig712/19 5:24PM
Guys, I have hands down found the greatest game ever...ThePollGuy54312/19 5:24PM
ITT We write a short Growing Pains fanfic three words at a time for Kirk Cameron
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Melon_Master21912/19 5:19PM
chewy plays Zelda II
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bachewychomp2312/19 5:16PM
so i know how everyone says PC is master race gaming and is the bestDazed2684312/19 5:12PM
PSX FFs > FFs of any other platformDazed2684912/19 5:05PM
PotD TF2?BBalla10612/19 4:44PM
Steam holiday sale starts in less than an hour
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Dikitain1512/19 4:44PM
Nooooo!!!!!!AllstarSniper32412/19 4:40PM
Final Fantasies
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TerrisUS1112/19 4:39PM
I'm replaying the Ace Attorney games (Part 2)
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raymanfan13812/19 4:37PM
Playing Phoenix Wright for the first time *maybe SPOILERS*SkaFrost89712/19 4:36PM
X-2 > Tactics > IX > X > VIII > VII > V > IV > XIIJudgmenl612/19 4:36PM
That feel when you are a tenth of a point away from getting an "A"Blumpykin412/19 4:34PM
alright so tunngle seems like it works, so anyone wann play terraria with it?
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AllstarSniper324012/19 4:32PM
I'm always agitated around Christmas.Judgmenl712/19 4:31PM
I wish I could play every game on my Wii U gamepadMICHALECOLE612/19 4:27PM
Finally hooked up my record player to my sound system.DirtBasedSoap112/19 4:25PM
Should I keep the books I find in Skyrim?deadpigs101912/19 4:24PM