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C/D: Breaking up with someone via text message is legitimate
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The first few days living alone are kind of creepy......S_Fox210/26 12:05AM
So idk if this has gone around here, but don't buy Harvest Moon games anymore.
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A perfect example of just how destructive it is when the media is corrupt.
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Anyone else getting more casual as they get older?
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Holy cow, today's Doctor Who was boring as hell.GanonsSpirit810/25 11:50PM
Old woman claims to be 127 years old.Metro2710/25 11:40PM
Sports Discussion Topic #104: Honey, I Dinked and Dunked the Kids
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Guy on reality TV with girlfriend wont ride a gondola with a guy because its gay
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CiIantro1210/25 11:35PM
sometimes i get bummed out how rarely i retain song lyrics.argonautweekynd510/25 11:28PM