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My mom is getting a divorce again. /blogfaqs
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Haku is the worst f***ing Naruto character. Hate that guy.
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ZiggiStardust399/23 9:50AM
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Is Borderlands 2 playable solo?
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Track your package: On FedEx vehicle for deliveryTerrisUS59/23 9:24AM
Anyone here with token programming know-how?Lokarin19/23 9:17AM
Wow this video of Angel (the actress that pops up from borderlands 2) is hotDrPrimemaster49/23 9:07AM
Okay, buy this fake-Chinese spicy szechuan sauce bottle and make this.Milleyd49/23 9:00AM
There is one recurring incidence in life where i stutter, a lot.argonautweekynd59/23 8:51AM
Favorite Past Rocksmith DLC Part 35 The Clash (Poll)AllstarSniper3269/23 8:33AM
speed of drinking a beer
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pedro45119/23 8:31AM
The last animal you played withWhatPoll39/23 8:30AM
If you were in a room with every Gamefaqs user you didn't like (Closed)Sylvia_Dia99/23 8:30AM
Chill out / Late Night Boredom Topic part 8
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Slayer78612349/23 8:28AM
I caught my fish laying eggs
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Action53139/23 8:20AM
I bought mass effect 3 for $5 yesterdayargonautweekynd59/23 8:15AM