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Just paid $215 for the original 1-62 Goosebumps, AMA
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Buddha1187308/16 8:26PM
Boogie got suspended for calling Microx/Kanakuri a "he" apparently (Closed)
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CornfishAcid188/16 8:24PM
Sword Art Online was bad
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Boogieonover618/16 8:22PM
You get to be reborn, and get to live to be 100WhatPoll48/16 8:21PM
I'm at a barcade.
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knightoffire55148/16 8:09PM
Don't enter this topic.
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Judgmenl198/16 8:01PM
How do you wash your dishes? (Poll)
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Raganork10178/16 8:01PM
Now that footage shows Michael Brown stealing, Do you believe the Police now?? (Poll)
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Full Throttle348/16 7:45PM
Was there a Spanish release of Resident Evil 4?AwesomeTurtwig28/16 7:35PM
This is the Face of the 28 y/o Cop who shot 18 y/o Michael Brown!! He's Hiding.. (Poll)Full Throttle18/16 7:33PM
Have you ever had a deja vu moment?FinalXemnas88/16 7:24PM
How long as it been since you last consumed a carbonated beverage? (Closed)WastelandCowboy38/16 7:16PM
Someone, somewhere, is thinking about you naked (Closed)
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WhatPoll158/16 7:13PM
Police or dogs? (Poll)brisashi28/16 7:08PM
Knew I shouldn't have looked up GalshellHenryKissiger28/16 7:01PM
Best Meal Beverage (Poll)Q_Sensei98/16 7:00PM
Anyone here play Ingress? It's a good time to start.
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Doctor Foxx298/16 6:54PM
<Click Here>Ogurisama48/16 6:52PM
Black Jesus is the best show in awhileBoogieonover28/16 6:47PM
What is more important? The needs of the many or the needs of the few? (Poll)Judgmenl88/16 6:43PM