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Which of these bands with a color in their name is your favorite? (Poll)bachewychomp1012/27 12:21PM
If you had your own drone/UAV, what would you do with it?WastelandCowboy512/27 12:21PM
Please explain to me why people spend $200+ on headphones?
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Judgmenl3612/27 12:20PM
All four Indiana Jones movies.WastelandCowboy112/27 12:20PM
13,000 credit card numbers, account info etc.leaked after Christmas hacks.Ferarri619712/27 12:18PM
Why did gamergate become a female bashing fest
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chaosbowser3812/27 12:12PM
So my girlfriend changed her hair from brunette to blonde.
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Gimpt31412/27 12:00PM
Are Phasers stronger than Lasers?Dmess85512/27 11:59AM
Stephen Bean topic Series 2, Episode 1. All that Remains.
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Kimbos_Egg46212/27 11:55AM
Is "intelligence gathering" on women creepy/bad?
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GreenTreeClub2012/27 11:54AM
Do you take your dead batteries to be properly disposed of? (Poll)
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teh Fro Man2812/27 11:53AM
So, i ordered my Xbone today.Kimbos_Egg1012/27 11:49AM
I wanna hypnox, but it's so ****ing cold right now.Metro2412/27 11:41AM
Are you worried about the rate of population growth/use of natural resources? (Poll)
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DelectableTears1112/27 11:35AM
If you were in the Star Wars universe and were force sensitive... (Poll)
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Action531112/27 11:34AM
Sports Discussion Topic #107: Hooray for Sports... They Rule!!!
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STLCards19911812/27 11:32AM
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Gaming PC costs?CSRouge96712/27 11:28AM
Who are these Lizardsquad and Anonymous I keep hearing about?teh Fro Man812/27 11:16AM
2 Young Women In a Kiddie Pool Filled With Spaghetti Pasta (Closed)Sylvia_Dia212/27 11:12AM