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I can't believe I spent just over ten minutes in the bathroom.
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WastelandCowboy1312/22 9:05PM
Would you commute an hour or more to work?
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BigOlePappy2412/22 9:00PM
This 25 y/o Gamer was arrested for calling Police his Friend was Shot..In GTAV!! (Poll)
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Full Throttle1612/22 9:00PM
World's First Transgender Doll shocks parents as the Gay Community praise it! (Poll)Full Throttle512/22 9:00PM
Pet peeve: porn videos playing it fast and loose with the word "cute."
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keyblader19853012/22 8:59PM
Are you older than the above poster?
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EclairReturns4112/22 8:57PM
Were you a good girl or boy this year? (Poll)Lootman212/22 8:47PM
To people who hate JRPG's.knightoffire55412/22 8:45PM
Were you are good boy or girl this year? (Poll)St_Kevin612/22 8:39PM
my coworker said a few days ago "its so cute you wear two watches"
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argonautweekynd2812/22 8:34PM
Rate this Villain Day 307 Jack Frost (killer snowman) (Poll)scubasteve42412/22 8:23PM
My underpants cannot contain my girth!keyblader1985312/22 8:23PM
Rate this Superhero/Hero/Antihero Day 309 Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer (Poll)scubasteve42512/22 8:23PM
Fresh Prince marathon is on right nowOgurisama312/22 8:22PM
are ps series controller and xbox series controller the same?
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jjgg1231112/22 8:20PM
PotD Christmas Steam Gifting Event 2014 -Classic edition with lists in the topic
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newsuperdude5712/22 8:18PM
Anyone else depressed because LoK is over?
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JanwayDaahl4412/22 8:15PM
This dude's neck in the EB Games Xbone commercial is long as f***Ryan-06512/22 8:14PM
Can people who like the movie A Christmas Story tell me what it is...Final Fantasy2389512/22 8:12PM
This is the f***in' newsJoshs Name112/22 8:11PM