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Oh, you 'Muricans and your strange language...
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Arctic_Sunrise111/25 11:59AM
Starting Birth By Sleep Final Mixchaosbowser11/25 11:54AM
Dear China...Gunsandredroses31/25 11:24AM
Dear France...Gunsandredroses11/25 11:23AM
"Hell yeah who doesn't want to be Johnny Gat?"BroodRyu91/25 11:23AM
Holding B and Down
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DeltaBladeX631/25 11:16AM
I started watching the anime "The Devil is a Part Timer".SunWuKung42061/25 11:15AM
If your pets were bigger than you, do you think they would eat you?
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brisashi141/25 11:01AM
Do your tablets/smartphones interfere with paying attention to tv & films? (Poll)
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brisashi141/25 10:49AM
How often do you take a bath? (Poll)
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MuZemike211/25 10:44AM
Modded the Card Reader from my old PC to work in my new one.Judgmenl11/25 10:38AM
i feel dead todayOgurisama11/25 10:35AM
Have you ever thought irl that something would make a good topic?AwesomeTurtwig41/25 10:33AM
i just cant quit you, PotD...Lemurs_Revenge11/25 10:24AM
Which of the following women would you prefer to date? (Poll)Metal_Gear_Link91/25 10:18AM
Post awesome non-soundtrack music that doesn't have lyrics.
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raymanfan1151/25 10:13AM
do you drink eight cups of water every day? (Poll)
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ZiggiStardust441/25 10:11AM
How many accounts do you have? (Poll)
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Action53401/25 10:02AM
What do you eat at (Poll)HenryKissiger51/25 9:56AM
If you haven't, you should go to a QT and try one of their oven fresh kolachies.brisashi91/25 9:46AM