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What happens if you edit the registry on your PCWhatPoll79/18 7:05PM
This girl I was talking to eats the entire sunflower seed (Poll)DrPrimemaster69/18 7:05PM
how long after meeting someone do you ask for a phone number/facebook name?Botnus91279/18 7:04PM
Hi everyone, Just want to introduce myself. I just moved into the house down
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FrndNhbrHdCEman249/18 6:51PM
This is about FF4 on Steam, 'cuz achievements
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Lokarin119/18 6:47PM
Best Rogues gallery in Marvel?LemonDestroyer99/18 6:34PM
the counselor was a good movie.Dazed268439/18 6:26PM
So I'm having a great f****** day
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kriemhilde00279/18 6:13PM
My cat sleeps in my bed with me every night now.DirtBasedSoap99/18 6:04PM
Orkney No destroys YesTerrisUS19/18 6:02PM
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TerrisUS129/18 5:52PM
So, I'm officially stuck in Lightning Returns (Spoilers).
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Mehere139/18 5:48PM
So I found this little guy in my backyard today.Death_Of_Effie19/18 5:45PM
I hope my coworker gets firedErik_P69/18 5:36PM
apparently 4chan got neutered or something.
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Dazed2684209/18 5:34PM
Was there ever a mating season episode of Spongebob? If not, why not?
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Creepyposter129/18 5:33PM
Clackmannanshire with a No!TerrisUS39/18 5:31PM
just btw fyi i really hate the avatar size requirement
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helIy339/18 5:10PM
If someone's the "undisputed" champion, then what's all the fighting about?Metro219/18 5:08PM
Gotta love when your first round pick for Fantasy Football is suspended for theCaptain-Trips79/18 4:58PM