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Is this NintendoFAQs? (Poll)
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I've been in bed all day. AMABNVshark12393/29 3:38PM
This is the 20 y/o White Kid who threw a Rope over a Black Statue!! (Poll)
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Full Throttle183/29 3:33PM
Hey delta what do you think of Key resellers like Nuuvem?Judgmenl23/29 3:31PM
Why haven't we gone back t the moon?
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RikkuSwirls433/29 3:25PM
I don't understand people who complain about systems not having backwards
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JoanOfArcade183/29 3:22PM
Chlorine TrifluorideSahuagin33/29 3:20PM
I think I've swapped addictions!
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Arctic_Sunrise133/29 3:18PM
Wait did Nintendo add pay to win characters to SSB4?Judgmenl53/29 3:08PM
I wish Earth was called Gaia more often.
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Storrac183/29 2:58PM
Just found out about a place near me that sells biltong31380073/29 2:40PM
Nominations for the Greatest Game Ever: Topic II - The List So Far
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quigonzel403/29 2:21PM
Do think people who say don't find certain race attractive are a bit of racists?
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tissue_paper213/29 2:21PM
so how was dreamwork's new movie Home?Komaiko5433/29 1:48PM
i made almond milk and now i have like 3 cups of almond meal left overBirdsOfPray103/29 1:26PM
Most overrated game series? (Poll)
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HenryKissiger423/29 1:23PM
There was a Viewtiful Joe game on DS?papercup103/29 1:15PM
Death of baby cut from womb doesn't lead to murder charge.
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Queen_Awakening273/29 1:01PM
king richard the third finally laid to restZikten23/29 12:58PM
Bold Italic Spoiler Cite Quote Strike and Underline in this topicTheWorstPoster23/29 12:46PM