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Less than 10 hours until I have Pokemon Omega Ruby
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DeltaBladeX1411/19 11:41PM
Who's ready for Obama's third term?NeoSioType511/19 11:26PM
Would anyone with REU membership care to reinvite me?caveman7570311/19 11:26PM
Would you continue to wear or change?
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RJP_X1311/19 11:15PM
How many metric tons of drugs do you think this guy is on?AwesomeTurtwig911/19 10:47PM
could you do the jalapeno challenge
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Philoktetes5311/19 10:31PM
So I just played Ass Creed Unity for the first time (with patch number 2)...raymanfan1111/19 10:26PM
Best original The Sims expansion? (Poll)Ogurisama211/19 10:20PM
That moment when you've realized you drew a...N805111/19 10:07PM
Transgender community flips out yet again over a straight actress...
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ZiggiStardust4611/19 10:03PM
What is your favorite? (Poll)knightoffire55611/19 9:57PM
I'm a good kisser
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BNVshark1231411/19 9:52PM
Does anybody feel like you don't understand how the hell you're supposed to dobachewychomp511/19 9:42PM
If I was in prison i would squat to pick up the soapargonautweekynd611/19 9:25PM
What are some good "party" board games.
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Dynalo1111/19 9:19PM
Oh no a multi-billion dollar company got scammed with PS4s!TinyTankX911/19 9:12PM
What happened to this game :(Junpeiclover311/19 9:09PM
i finally got some KFC.helIy511/19 9:09PM
My girlfriend, who lives with me, does not like violent video games.
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ZiggiStardust4111/19 9:02PM
I just ran into someone from high school...keyblader1985611/19 9:02PM