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You know I'm all about that bass, bout that bassTIE54348/18 7:12AM
What PC games is the poll refering to?INateYou108/18 7:07AM
When you see a girl do you say giggity?
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Real Poll of the Day - Name your bad guy
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Cake or Pie (Poll)
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Ugh, I feel miserable.Krow_Incarnate28/18 5:06AM
why are sonic fans raging so much over one game that's not even out yet?NightMareBunny78/18 4:53AM
WTF Battlestar GalacticaCacciato38/18 4:10AM
Today I found someone that says Metroid games are not in the Metroidvania genre
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I bought a bikini and I think it might be too tight.
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I just flew a jet 2kms up, surfed the nosecone, jumped onto a strip club blimp,raymanfan128/18 2:20AM
Avatars are temporarily unavailable (Closed)
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You know a bird I don't trust?
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i chickened out on the demo for five nights at freddies...NightMareBunny18/18 1:56AM
Favorite Robin Williams movie (Poll)
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This was a good movie.CiIantro38/18 12:39AM
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