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Shal I play darksiders?yourDaddie210/17 7:58AM
You wake up homeless, jobless, and broke, what do?
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slacker031502110/17 7:58AM
Dear baby, welcome to dumpsville. Population: You.bachewychomp310/17 7:53AM
"Every game should be on every console" option.TooTooP2410/17 7:41AM
I think the solution to all my problems is that I don't have friends.Judgmenl410/17 7:41AM
Legend of Mana was like a japanese Elder Scrolls.Vicaris310/17 7:37AM
Are you younger than the above person?
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EclairReturns4710/17 7:37AM
Joel from the last of us would beat Chris Redfiel's assyourDaddie510/17 7:25AM
IMGUR huge new feature..Behold- GIF-V format! try it out.Ryan-06110/17 6:46AM
You are offered one million dollars, but the main character of every movie ever
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EclairReturns4710/17 6:37AM
I love the new dlc for Hyrule Warriors already.
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Entity132310/17 6:25AM
Do women actually take offense to Bayonetta's sexualization?
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r7gerrabbit7610/17 6:25AM
When you hear the letter "D" what do you think of? (Poll)
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MrArmageddon82910/17 6:25AM
I dont understand. Is a burger SUPPOSED to have 800 calories? What about homemadsaspa710/17 6:24AM
pictures i took that i forgot why i took and am now going to show to youhelIy710/17 5:40AM
Duckbear usually starts his posts with "This".Judgmenl510/17 5:40AM
This 60 y/o Man was killed when a Camel escaped from the Zoo and Sat on him!! (Poll)
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Full Throttle1310/17 4:20AM
Have you ever taken a cold shower? (Poll)
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Ao_Ryuu541810/17 3:35AM
i like my women how i like my cheeseLemur_Says510/17 2:44AM
Nice I found a 40 ounce in my closet, tell me wt to do besides drinkingdarcandkharg31510/17 2:41AM