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Ive got roughy a 1"x1" square of free space i wanna get tattooed
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argonautweekynd2910/31 6:45PM
Do you get bitter, angry, or scroogy around the holidays? (Oct-Dec) (Poll)IAmNowGone1010/31 6:43PM
I'd rather a game have no story than a bad story.Zareth210/31 6:38PM
Cartoon Network backs off from First Gay Kiss Ever on hit TV Show!!! (Poll)
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Full Throttle3210/31 6:36PM
New Spectre VR game... doesn't have tanksLokarin110/31 6:32PM
Pam is the best part of ArcherBNVshark123210/31 6:28PM
Super Best Friends Halloween Finale is P.TNightMareBunny210/31 6:24PM
Do you think the games you played as a really young kidRoboT_Ripper310/31 6:23PM
For those of you in engineering fields, how many semesters of calculus did youEclairReturns910/31 6:22PM
You know that one gear in the clock tower in Castlevania 3WhatPoll110/31 6:19PM
Is World of Thanks a Moba, MMO or deathmatch game?yourDaddie410/31 6:15PM
10 hours walking as a woman in NYC
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ZiggiStardust28610/31 6:13PM
I totally forgot it was halloween and I ordered a pizza
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grape_purple1610/31 6:11PM
Attn: VioletZer0Judgmenl210/31 6:10PM
Excessive Ponies Topic ???+1 - omg waifu~ edition (Poll)
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Nade Duck38110/31 6:09PM
Well, Prey 2 is officially cancelled :/
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Far-Queue1710/31 6:06PM
Let's talk about that one Majora's Mask Theory... (Zelda Series spoilers)
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BroodRyu1510/31 6:03PM
Have I ever mentioned the fact that I don't celebrate Halloween?Judgmenl410/31 5:55PM
Have you seen anyone wearing that sexy Olaf costume?OmegaM710/31 5:54PM
I'm discovering that I don't enjoy a lot of my most beloved games anymore :(
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raymanfan11810/31 5:54PM