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When will there be a Call of Duty collection?TheWorstPoster54/24 2:54PM
I don't get some "lesbian" porn....
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Krow_Incarnate274/24 2:53PM
Everybody Loves Raymond Child Star Shoots himself in the Head in Texas!!.. (Poll)
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Full Throttle244/24 2:50PM
Suppose an internet argument that is about Hitler somehow happensTheWorstPoster24/24 2:46PM
Switzerland ranked happiest Country in the world.
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Ferarri619114/24 2:41PM
This is one of my favorite gifs (how I feel reading most GameFAQs topics)Judgmenl54/24 2:36PM
Bigfoot doubters are so delusional and close-minded
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Mr_Sockyman394/24 2:32PM
The Nintendo DS lite was awesome!Dmess8594/24 2:31PM
It's annoying when people say...edbassmaster74/24 2:07PM
I was standing in line at the ATM machine when I realized I forgot my PIN number
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Mr_Sockyman144/24 1:49PM
Any fans of metal here? How'd you like some brand spankin' new Mutoid Man?Far-Queue14/24 1:42PM
Do you think Obama should be able to use 50 billion to pay off Iran?
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GrimCyclone154/24 1:39PM
Girl, do you even cure?Lokarin44/24 1:37PM
when will ea make sk4te?ZiggiStardust54/24 1:28PM
Minimaps suckVicaris84/24 1:23PM
I still have a post in my history from 2/13/2006...CyborgSage00x024/24 1:22PM
I watched the Babadook last night (Spoilers)green dragon74/24 1:17PM
I garentee you will LMAO when u see this :)Mr_Sockyman34/24 1:17PM
Loretta Lynch becomes the first Black woman to be confirmed as AG in the USA...pionear34/24 12:54PM
I wish they made movies based on old European mythologies
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Muscles194/24 12:52PM