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The Iron Giant worth $5 on DVD?
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Stupid Pirate Guy161/31 8:35PM
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C/D: Kids shouldn't use internet/computer
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Why is eating a horse frowned upon?
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Action53251/31 7:54PM
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I got an iPad. Recommend me games
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EternalNether181/31 7:17PM, anyone know any good jokes?
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SR71halo161/31 7:01PM
The Unofficial PotD Twitch Stream Topic
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I'm looking for the name of a movie.
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How do you spell the word for "damn" amplified by "God"? (Poll)EclairReturns41/31 6:32PM
Metroid Prime Trilogy patched so many sequence breaks
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Lokarin281/31 6:18PM
Why did God give man foreskin, if He mandates cutting it off?
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GanonsSpirit211/31 6:11PM
Cat / Chat 2: Two cats are better than one. Cat appreciation topic right meow!
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