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Obama rejects Keystone XL pipelineErik_P92/27 2:16PM
I'm gonna try my hand at making a mixtapeBNVshark12372/27 2:10PM
So one of the biggest ISIS members grew up in england?
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Muscles_420112/27 2:00PM
i'm gonna make tacos again tonight, but this time!helIy32/27 1:59PM
Hey BNVShark, I was at Boeing yesterday, and I saw some PennState guysAwesomeTurtwig52/27 1:48PM
aaaaaahhhhhhhh!!!!mayu78022/27 1:43PM
Youngest Girls ever (30/33) on Death Row Beg for their Lives in Florida!!.. (Poll)
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Full Throttle302/27 1:39PM
We Happy Few - Anyone else have a feeling this might be the next Bioshock?DeltaBladeX72/27 1:28PM
Which of the 3 greatest men alive is your favorite? (Poll)
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yourDaddie212/27 1:27PM
Making my way downtownJoanOfArcade62/27 1:26PM
what do women think about dating people outside their race?Da-PollGuy5442/27 1:24PM
favorite foreign holidays or festivals?Da-PollGuy5422/27 1:20PM
How can I tell if my internet is being censored?deadpigs10182/27 1:20PM
Anyone care to see a video I made for Grow Home? >_>papercup12/27 1:16PM
why is ouya even on the platform listhelIy12/27 1:14PM
The Completionist pulls a GameGrumps/JonTron, Greg Wilmot is leaving.
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raymanfan1312/27 12:40PM
I never did watch Star Trek...Metro222/27 12:23PM
So I've been approached twice about applying for an internal position....TheNeckbeard82/27 12:02PM
I was runnin' through the six wit my woesBotnus91212/27 11:58AM
I've had a nosebleed every day this week due to the dry air
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Erik_P122/27 11:41AM