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Anyone here watches Fairy Tail?Lobomoon58/21 7:38PM
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Your favorite dead franchise is revived by its creators...
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Zareth158/21 6:58PM
I can't get enough of this gif lolCaptain-Trips38/21 6:39PM
It seems Amazon made a shipping mistake along with my hat rack order.. :O
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If Duckbear came to your house and told you to stop squishing bugs to your face (Poll)
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explain this ice bucket thing to mepapercup68/21 6:15PM
Only console peasants voted for the bottom two options.
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Ayumi Hamasaki, J-pop star did the ice bucket challenge.
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Ferarri619128/21 6:06PM
Rate this Cartoon /10 - day 517 | Johnny Bravo (Poll)Slayer786178/21 6:04PM
If man came from Apes why are there still Apes?
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frybrain0094558/21 6:02PM
It's been raining so much today. It sucks.Milleyd38/21 5:59PM
So just finished my first day in State College
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BNVshark123118/21 5:49PM
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If Chuck Norris came to your house and told you to stop... (Poll)Q_Sensei28/21 5:43PM
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I've seen the video of ISIS executing U.S. photojournalist James Foley
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WhatPoll218/21 5:34PM