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Post in this topic and I'll say something about you!
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crinalex358/30 1:39PM
i also bought this just nowhelIy18/30 1:25PM
God I don't know how so many people can have babies right out of high schoolfrybrain009478/30 1:11PM
Taco bell is launching an upscale version to compete with chipotle
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brisashi268/30 1:06PM
Got modded for saying I spent my first paycheck on "hookers and blow"
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FellWolf188/30 1:02PM
Have you ever smoked hookah?JokePoster58/30 12:52PM
Something sad
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WhatPoll118/30 12:46PM
I actually don't mind Nicki Minaj's new "Anaconda" video
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ec11929128/30 12:35PM
LoL your team vs enemy team.Flutershy98/30 12:12PM
So why is Super Metroid so good, again?
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GanonsSpirit388/30 12:00PM
Have you gotten a date on Tinder? (Poll)knightoffire5598/30 11:51AM
Times were better without Kingmichael1337 trolling everywhere.
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WastelandCowboy278/30 11:23AM
damn i love waking up in the morning and grabbing my spongebob toothbrushlootwoman28/30 11:22AM
C/D: Rock and roll never forgets.WastelandCowboy88/30 11:22AM
Did I get called cuteness?
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Flutershy848/30 11:12AM
Rate this Villain Day 203 Ebon (Poll)scubasteve4278/30 10:18AM
Rate this Superhero/Hero/Antihero Day 205 Zorro (Poll)scubasteve4288/30 10:18AM
What type of black woman do you like (Poll)
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aznStaRBoY148/30 10:13AM
US cable giants call on FCC to block cities' expansion of high-speed internet.WastelandCowboy88/30 10:05AM
Can anyone else use Google or is it me?CSRouge9648/30 9:57AM