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so the female thor is...(spoilers, duuuhh) (Closed)
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ZiggiStardust325/19 6:54AM
Horror Short: Lights Out.ObligatoryFate45/19 6:40AM
Watch me finish Soul Silver without sleep, while walking 50 km (I might die) (Poll)
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DarknessLink7355/19 6:29AM
My friend invited me to a wedding of someone I don't even know
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Erik_P185/19 5:39AM
This School decided to Exclude Students with DOWN SYNDROME from the Yearbook!!! (Poll)Full Throttle95/19 5:00AM
I had a dream about someone else who's gone for a while v_vS_Fox15/19 4:52AM
So, Tom Brady will sit out four games because of cheating.
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WadaTah1055/19 4:28AM
Has it really been two years since they introduced the color schemes to GFaqs?Storrac65/19 4:03AM
I\ve been trying to do this plank thing but it's not working.acesxhigh85/19 3:49AM
i wish fat would go to my armsacesxhigh25/19 3:43AM
omg guys I got a date to my school dance! (TL;DR prone)
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-Komaiko54M225/19 3:04AM
windows on screen keyboard is ba to the maxrgonautweekend35/19 1:50AM
Transformers Prime, serious plot problems. (Poll)
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ObligatoryFate155/19 1:45AM
What is with this Truth Contest BS I see spammed everywhereMilleyd25/19 1:42AM
So I'm thinking of building a Mugen crossover of Inuyasha and Samurai Shodown...Krow_Incarnate65/19 1:28AM
The Eryth Sea in Xenoblade Chronicles is painfulTheWorstPoster75/19 1:27AM
Damn, Witcher 3 on Ultra Settings looks insane!!!!quigonzel35/19 12:41AM
If you could have one skill/ability from a video game in real life... (spoilers)
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Lobomoon175/19 12:39AM
Got tired of it?Gamechamp3k35/19 12:13AM
Can Pizza be innovative without going the Epic Meal Time route?deadpigs10145/19 12:09AM