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Excessive Ponies Topic ???+1 - omg waifu~ edition (Poll)
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Best RPG of the last 10 years (Poll)kratospwnsnoobz108/29 1:04PM
A 9 y/o Girl shoots an instructor in the head with an Uzi after it went off!!! (Poll)
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Full Throttle868/29 12:58PM
I want oneJudgmenl28/29 12:55PM
Is Google down? (Closed)CaioNV48/29 12:53PM
How do you take a screenshot with a phone? (Galaxy S4)?Frisk58/29 12:53PM
UK terrorism threat level at ExtremeSt_Kevin108/29 12:49PM
A Dream Dispensing Dromedary offers you one of 9 super powers... (Poll)Q_Sensei18/29 12:45PM
That was just beautifulAo_Ryuu5418/29 12:42PM
It been nearly 18 years since this happened.slacker0315058/29 12:21PM
Im buying Smash 4ArctheLad1328/29 12:19PM
Damn upset stomachSt_Kevin18/29 12:15PM
Favorite Past Rocksmith DLC part 31 90's Hits (Poll)
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AllstarSniper32158/29 12:11PM
Im not buying Smash 4Sonicplys68/29 12:08PM
PSAnnouncement: Azure Striker Gunvolt and Layton VS Phoenix comes out tomorrow.
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I need to write a letter on someones behalf.Flutershy108/29 12:02PM
Shulk confirmed for Super Smash Brothers 4 Wii U and 3DS.
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Storrac268/29 11:45AM
LukatarFatalAccident18/29 11:35AM
Damnit there's a woman a work here.. I want to get to know more...TheNeckbeard68/29 11:27AM
Looking for some fantasy books with a JRPG/WRPG type-ish stories
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RevolutionZeal158/29 11:26AM