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ATTN: Friends of the Ash AKA the Ashening; the Ash topic ie. I'm gonna post ITT
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Ashphantom173/28 2:18PM
I love New Girl but 4-5 people living in an apartment flat is too much. SPOILERAIundra93/28 2:15PM
Breaking a lease is annoying.Jen012583/28 2:14PM
Valkyria Chronicles where have you been all my life?papercup43/28 2:12PM
kinda sucks that hoobastank will only be remembered for the reason.
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Nade Duck153/28 2:07PM
I read a hilarious "male supplement" ad the other day... Test ForceLokarin63/28 2:02PM
I'm replaying Final Fantasy VI: Part 3.. Yes, 3. :P
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Melon_Master1323/28 1:56PM
I have had a realization the past few weeks.
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Storrac123/28 1:56PM
Rate this Villain day 389 Deidara (Naruto Shippuden) (Poll)scubasteve4223/28 1:50PM
Rate this Superhero/Hero/Antihero Day 391 Cordell Walker (Poll)scubasteve4223/28 1:50PM
Which of these gods would you most want to follow? (Poll)WastelandCowboy43/28 1:47PM
Why does Chrono Trigger look like Gohan?
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Metro2143/28 1:47PM
Who is in the right here? (Poll)
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Ogurisama303/28 1:46PM
Oh hnng Summer Glau is in Arrow? I think I might actually watch that show now.
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AIundra123/28 1:44PM
I hate horror films.
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Storrac403/28 1:43PM
My multivitamin makes me sick to my stomach!
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Jen0125493/28 1:32PM
The DoA FGC trying to censor sexuality = MK FGC censoring graphic violence. (Poll)DarkKirby250083/28 1:23PM
So, season 5 of The Walking Dead ends tomorrow...WastelandCowboy43/28 1:11PM
Do think people who say don't find certain race attractive are a bit of racists?
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tissue_paper183/28 1:10PM
Do you smell what the Rock is cooking? (Poll)WastelandCowboy93/28 1:08PM