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An Anthrax 4-pack came out for Rocksmith today! (Poll)
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AllstarSniper32153/31 3:54PM
Amazon Prime has spoiled merexcrk63/31 3:51PM
Is there be a female equivalent of pick-up artists (PUAs)?
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Jvaas183/31 3:46PM
A Comic Book about godzilla going to hell comes out this july...NightMareBunny33/31 3:43PM
I think I'll do another playthrough of Mirror's Edge.Metro223/31 3:41PM
Why is everything "In due time"?
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cheesecake4lyfe143/31 3:31PM
gardevoir is such a beast in ORASMuscles3683/31 3:30PM
Goddamn, beyond good and evil's ending. I can finally identify with the rage..xyphilia23/31 3:27PM
The orange juice industry has a dark secretNeoSioType83/31 3:22PM
I just read about Suzy's (Game Grumps) Etsy shop fiasco
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SilentSeph163/31 3:14PM
I think Obama might actually be an atheist.
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Storrac323/31 3:03PM
Does anybody want to be my friend in Heroes of the Storm and play with me?
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SkynyrdRocker423/31 2:59PM
Milley, is Shadow Tower any good?Raganork1083/31 2:56PM
Why do some men wear shorts with short inseams?cdark43/31 2:53PM
Adding a Poll Option to A New TopicSusanGreenEyes43/31 2:52PM
Got a $20 Wii U eShop card, what should I get?papercup13/31 2:51PM
ITT: Thinks that suck
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Dmess85123/31 2:44PM
I've decided I want to go sky diving
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Erik_P203/31 2:36PM
Beyonce's butt Is ASStounding.The_Sexorcist63/31 2:27PM
Obligatory thread to annoy Storrac.
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VioletZer0253/31 2:26PM