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Why is customer service so ****ing horrible?
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Looking to upgrade my iPhone 4S
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brb guise gonna travel for some p
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OmegaTomHank127/21 1:42PM
I hate nose bleeds.WastelandCowboy107/21 12:59PM
Can you still get modded for rickrolling?Metro247/21 12:53PM
Simpsons rating topic- Day 115- Lisa's Rival (Poll)DumpsterMcNuggets87/21 12:43PM
Turned on the Papers, Please... left and played MunchkinLokarin87/21 12:38PM
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Has anyone seen the movie "A Separation"?Metro237/21 12:14PM
You want to know what I find funny about Symphonia Chronicles?
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Entity13157/21 11:53AM
J.J. Abrams reveals the new X-wing in charity drive.VioletZer077/21 11:52AM
I now own the entire Ys collection on PSP (yay?)Dynalo107/21 11:39AM
"I don't get all the hype. [Name of horror film/game] wasn't even scary."Metro237/21 11:34AM
What do you think of my truck? (Poll)Action5357/21 11:01AM
How many days it take you to bet the standard 15 hour game? (Poll)
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yourDaddie177/21 10:59AM
Is Tesco the British Walmart?
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Chef_Excellence177/21 10:56AM
what if doctor who and the silver surfer teamed up?NightMareBunny77/21 10:41AM
Where's the "I enjoy the heat" optionyutterh67/21 10:41AM
This picture says everything
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Lootman257/21 10:25AM
Who got (or is getting) what from Best Buy?
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keyblader1985277/21 10:19AM