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Is it just me or do most gay characters seem forced?LemonDestroyer77/23 5:17PM
I can't believe I'm going to go through life having never experienced WoW.
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metalconkerrr247/23 5:16PM
Ever had a teacher/prof who never gave A's? (Poll)
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raymanfan1387/23 5:16PM
Talk with TripsCaptain-Trips47/23 5:15PM
This is the worst name for a band everAwesomeTurtwig17/23 5:15PM
Whats one way consoles are better then pc?
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fire2box207/23 5:09PM
If you were a Bone Marrow match to save someone's life, Would you do it? (Poll)
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Full Throttle227/23 5:09PM
Please friend me on Wii USkynyrdRocker87/23 5:09PM
Can vegetarians eat a Bulbasaur steak?WhatPoll77/23 5:08PM
Wow there was a 4th season of the boondocks?JamesOwnzMaz37/23 5:07PM
Finally own The Legend of Zelda: The Minish CapDeltaBladeX57/23 5:06PM
Geek Eternal
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Entity13127/23 5:06PM
Recently got all the Genesis sonics, really not enjoying themLuigi is the best107/23 4:57PM
Gotta say, Risky's Revenge is better than the first Shantaepapercup47/23 4:56PM
Cornish Acid's Smash Bros. of Evil: Hype Edition
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Kanakiri3907/23 4:55PM
There's nothing quite as damnably annoying as a grumpy person who won't say why.Arctic_Sunrise67/23 4:54PM
Who's The Biggest MJ............ (Poll)
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FadetooBlack187/23 4:51PM
Consoles are at the top of the PotD because they're better than PCs.
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wightSea187/23 4:49PM
From now on, I'm going to treat PotD as a romantic visual novel RomcomBNVshark12397/23 4:44PM
So my most-wanted newcomer for the Dynasty Warriors series has an offical design
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Kr0w1Nc4rNa73117/23 4:42PM