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DO you want marvel and Star wars in Kingdom Hearths 3? (Poll)kratospwnsnoobz1011/18 2:08PM
This reeks of trying too hard, Egoraptor.raymanfan1711/18 1:54PM
You smell like boogersWhatPoll411/18 1:51PM
blizzard is giving current WoW subscribers five free days for all the problemsZiggiStardust411/18 1:34PM
so have we all forgotten about destiny already?
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ZiggiStardust2111/18 1:31PM
a Tom Petty 5-pack came out for Rocksmith today! (remake) (Poll)
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AllstarSniper322811/18 1:23PM
Amazon prime has consistently gotten things to me one day lateAwesomeTurtwig911/18 1:14PM
Is this kind of graduate program common... Masters in "Public Service"Dynalo111/18 1:08PM
Are you more excited for Pokemon or Smash this Friday?
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That_70s_show1111/18 1:07PM
Tropius looks stupidAction53911/18 12:54PM
i'm obsessed with my garrison in wow
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Nade Duck1811/18 12:53PM
so i'm shock to see no fantasy life topicsernieforss611/18 12:38PM
I want to eventually quit my job to focus on school but I need the money to payKanakiri811/18 12:26PM
Should I watch One piece once I finish Naruto? (Poll)kratospwnsnoobz511/18 12:25PM
disney should do a star wars/ marvel cross overZikten611/18 12:15PM
Did anybody here miss Metro 2033 or Teleglitch?
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dragon5041211/18 12:08PM
I have some earwax deep down in my eardrum.
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Judgmenl1111/18 12:05PM
Well I finally finished binging the Marvel Movie Lineup Phase 1 and 2PARAMYTAS411/18 12:01PM
tinychat party i miss u allAmeliaJane16211/18 11:48AM
1000 karma! Hooray!
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Kanakiri2611/18 11:47AM