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Do you love Game of Thrones? Can't get enough of it? Can't wait for next season?WastelandCowboy211/28 12:39PM
My new ecig/vape set up came and I'm juiced about it.Jen0125911/28 12:20PM
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Super Smash Bros. General Topic
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MechaKirby20311/28 11:55AM
kevin mccallister is an ice cold killerargonautweekynd311/28 11:55AM
Game commercials now are either meh or lame.
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S_Fox1111/28 11:52AM
My game Sneaky Ninja's been greenlit on Steam! :O
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SullyTheStrange3111/28 11:51AM
I've got Anchor Arms!LanHikari10 (M)111/28 11:44AM
Question for PS3 owners. (about PSN)S_Fox711/28 11:42AM
this commercial is ****ing epicargonautweekynd411/28 11:32AM
why are the black friday deals on video games this year so horrible?
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NightMareBunny3011/28 11:24AM
I really enjoyed the Alan wake video game.overlordlaharl0311/28 11:18AM
Was Officer Darren Wilson justified in shooting Michael Brown? (Poll)
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CiIantro2511/28 11:14AM
why are shoes so expensive?
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BigOlePappy1211/28 11:11AM
The Ten Commandments: #4 Honor thy Father and thy Mother (Poll)Q_Sensei711/28 11:02AM
Rate that TV Show | Day 603 | The X-Files (Poll)Slayer7861511/28 11:01AM
*Cute girls messages me on Okcupid*MrArmageddon8511/28 10:53AM
well f***
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Ogurisama1511/28 10:47AM
Amazon switched from pacific time to eastern timecdark711/28 10:42AM