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Look another topic Gamechamp is intending to keep going but will die in a day.

I'll post here when I upload Youtube videos so all my adoring fans here can keep up.
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Dragon Ball Z: Burst Limit - Frieza Saga 18. Dream or Reality! Z Difficulty Z Rank

Been uploading Z rank videos for Burst Limit for a while now. I finished the story so this is one of the extra arcs afterwards. Meaning the game's almost complete.

Tomorrow I'm thinking a Sonic Adventure 2 A rank video.
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Sonic Adventure 2: Battle HD - White Jungle A Ranks

Been forever since I uploaded an SA2 video. I actually had these all recorded for a while, too, just hadn't edited and uploaded them yet. Figured now's a good time since there's an empty slot in my uploads, give me a bit more time to record more stuff.
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Remember Me (French VA, Eng. Subs) - Part 2: Slumland

Just started uploading this playthrough.

Also I decided I'ma record Madworld, so expect that sometime. :o
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Dragon Ball Z: Burst Limit - Frieza Saga 19. Veteran Warrior Vs. Saiyan Prince! Z Difficulty Z Rank
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Madworld - Hard Playthrough Part 1: Intro + Tutorial

Forgot to post this yesterday.
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Remember Me (French VA, Eng. Subs) - Part 3: El Leaking Cauldron
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Apparently I forgot to post this yesterday, too.

Dragon Ball Z: Burst Limit - Frieza Saga 20. Warrior Race! Z Difficulty Z Rank
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Madworld - Hard Playthrough Stage 1-1: Central Station

The Madworld playthrough starts for real.
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Remember Me (French VA, Eng. Subs) - Part 4: Worst Request
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