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I found the perfect girl for ICOYARAwesomeTurtwig41/27 5:31PM
I looked through all my Nintendo games for unregistered Club Nintendo codes...
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keyblader1985411/27 5:31PM
My thoughts on the Android version of Knights of the Old Republic (spoilers)Action5321/27 5:30PM
Guy at Gamestop tried to tell me my "Gamestop card" that I never hadHelIWithoutSin101/27 5:30PM
Had a stark reminder today that classism is a real thing.VioletZer071/27 5:29PM
OJ Simpson didn't kill his wife, why do people still think he did?
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iliveforlife121/27 5:27PM
so, I just released my first EP today.
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linklord161/27 5:25PM
F*** propane and f*** its stupid ass accessories.
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The_Alpha_MaIe191/27 5:25PM
Palestine or Israel? (Poll)
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Storrac511/27 5:24PM
Should I try Dynasty Warriors 6 for $10?
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raymanfan1151/27 5:23PM
Which Movie of the Year are your rooting for the most this Oscar season? (Poll)
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Captain-Trips221/27 5:23PM
I ****ing bite my tongue like every night.Zareth31/27 5:22PM
Fantastic Four Reboot Trailer
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Umitencho201/27 5:22PM
How long would it take you to finish your steam library?
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AwesomeTurtwig181/27 5:22PM
This Baby was born with No Eyes as it Stuns Doctors in Arizona!!.. (Poll)
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Full Throttle211/27 5:21PM
cast confirmed for new ghostbusters movieNade_Pony41/27 5:18PM
Is this a strong argument?
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Mr_melodramatic231/27 5:17PM
So are the Walking Dead games worth getting?
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AllstarSniper32111/27 5:15PM
My lifelong dream is to make an offensive twitter account that a famous personbachewychomp21/27 5:14PM
Question for those watching sleepy hollow (spoilers)Judgmenl21/27 5:13PM