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did the above poster finish highschool
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mayu780307/27 9:08PM
About how much is a used 4GB 360 + GTA V worth now?
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Psythik167/27 9:08PM
Do you have an anus? (Poll)Nade Duck107/27 9:01PM
So I Ran Into The Girl I Dated At Work And She Asked Me To Call Her
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aDirtyShisno277/27 9:00PM
I'm going to ask Shaquille O'Neal if he's interested in my idea for a websiteAwesomeTurtwig67/27 8:55PM
Florida Soldier's Home was demolished while he was on Duty,..Was that fair?? (Poll)Full Throttle107/27 8:52PM
Okay guys! I'm ready to try out that Destiny beta I keep hearing about!
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LateToThePartay137/27 8:41PM
Destiny Beta is still going, you know... GET ON IT.
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Arctic_Sunrise217/27 8:38PM
REAL Poll of the Day - Name That Publisher
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KOReldor237/27 8:06PM
ok Star Trek nerds. Serious question about Voyager.
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WhiskeyDisk127/27 7:54PM
So I beat Super Metroid for the first time last night... *Spoilers*Xfma10027/27 7:52PM
are we not even allowed to mention the word gimmick in topic titles now or what?Nade Duck87/27 7:45PM
Five life hacks everyone should know!Chef_Excellence67/27 7:27PM
Day 15 - finals: Best of PotD tourny - Kanakiri vs AwesomeTurtwig (Poll)
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Ogurisama257/27 7:27PM
Did you guys ever buy those shareware discs back in the day?bachewychomp107/27 7:20PM
a girl agreed to go out with me
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LemonDestroyer367/27 7:18PM
You know what would make a good gimmick account? (Closed)GanonsSpirit17/27 7:15PM
Watching Akira: dub or sub?
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GameGuy777157/27 7:14PM
Ughhhh persona 2... why are you so niche???Junpeiclover77/27 7:12PM
Which Video Game world do you wish was real life? (Poll)
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ThrustMast3r627/27 7:10PM