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sucks sega forbids sonic from having character development in the comic books...
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NightMareBunny1110/23 9:04AM
Guy goea on killing spree b/C of childhood sexual abuse.
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pionear1110/23 9:03AM
What's your favorite game that has block pushing puzzles in it?
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Raganork101810/23 8:47AM
A Scientist found a Spider that weighs as much as a Dog!!! Would you kill it? (Poll)
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Full Throttle5010/23 8:36AM
What's your biggest pet peeve at work?InfestedAdam210/23 8:34AM
Oculus Rift: The future or a fad
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deadpigs1011110/23 8:33AM
700 Dead in Syria...Renraku_San610/23 8:31AM
Man finds the most Deadliest Spider in the world in his home! (Poll)
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Full Throttle1410/23 8:10AM
To those who follow politics, what's yer primary source(s) of information?InfestedAdam910/23 8:08AM
two days since dish network removed all turner channels(except TBS/TNT)
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NightMareBunny1410/23 7:57AM
Rain, rain, go away.Judgmenl410/23 6:50AM
Air New Zealand makes another awesome nerdy LotR' on-flight safety video.ZiggiStardust110/23 6:41AM
GS news: despite great reviews. Bayonetta 2 doing poorly in Japan!! =( (Closed)
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Ryan-063210/23 6:40AM
Have you ever hooked up with a fat girl?
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OmegaM2510/23 6:27AM
I got great news!Ryan-06210/23 4:27AM
Favorite color of hair? (Poll)
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Ao_Ryuu543110/23 3:45AM
so how much of an advantage will ORAS Have Over X/Y?NightMareBunny910/23 3:20AM
ya know whats really annoying?Lemur_Says210/23 3:06AM
Hey guys, what did the neckbeard do after dining at a fine restaurant?EclairReturns810/23 2:40AM
Presented without Commentary.raymanfan1110/23 2:10AM