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Pokemon's timelines confuse meWhatPoll411/21 4:25PM
Huh you don't like girls?Chef_Excellence411/21 4:17PM
Just bought omega rubygreen dragon311/21 4:14PM
Streaming Smash!Gamechamp3k411/21 4:12PM
Michael Phelps is apparently dating a 41 year old intersex person.Chef_Excellence411/21 4:03PM
Man winter break is going to be glorious. 6 day workout week for 3 weeks.Sirkukukingz5311/21 4:03PM
I would pork Rebel Wilson.OmegaM411/21 3:58PM
Obama is trolling the republicans so hard.
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CiIantro1811/21 3:48PM
i have completely ruined my ffx save.
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helIy1511/21 3:44PM
I honestly wasn't expecting that to get deleted. (Closed)
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Kanakiri10511/21 3:41PM
Can someone tell me about these pics of pokemon green version, and blue etc. ?Joshsonic26511/21 3:38PM
Guy accidentally hits the wrong button on his robot arm.RazorX2003411/21 3:32PM
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What happens if you catch two Pokemon at the same time?WhatPoll711/21 2:51PM
Remember the shiny ponyta freakout video?AwesomeTurtwig911/21 2:50PM
I'm getting an ulcer just thinking about going home tomorrowBNVshark1231011/21 2:39PM
21/22 Jump Street are soo good. (spoilers for both)
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saspa2011/21 2:27PM
Favorite Past Rocksmith DLC part 43 Maroon 5 (Poll)
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AllstarSniper321811/21 2:22PM
I ain't saying shes a gold diggerChef_Excellence411/21 2:17PM