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My girlfriend's parents found out we had sex.Flutershy212/18 5:00AM
The TF2 economy is probably stronger than some countries
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AwesomeTurtwig1112/18 5:00AM
Name bad *opinion* games with awesome soundtracks
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Lokarin1212/18 4:58AM
********* Official PotD Super Smash Brothers Wii U Tournament!!!!!!!! **********
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chaosbowser24112/18 4:55AM
It's cold in the house, my hands are cold and I'm tempted to touch my wife'sMelon_Master512/18 4:55AM
steve harvey is a pretty cool guyhelIy1012/18 4:52AM
f*** snowSHADOW0106512/18 4:49AM
Did you ever believe any of these as a kid?
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ThePollGuy542112/18 4:47AM
Wasn't there a person here trying to make their own video game awhile ago?DelectableTears612/18 4:43AM
i wish I was delusionally insane
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Zikten5212/18 4:43AM
Best Final Fantasy pollfantomas418612/18 4:42AM
my cousins seem to think this bartender wants my d
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Muscles_4202212/18 4:41AM
The hackers won: The Interview pulled from America's biggest theater chains
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Metro23812/18 4:36AM
I got a couple of new toys today, ask me anything.SIvIart_USMC212/18 4:34AM
math nerds ittargonautweekynd412/18 4:33AM
How are those Beats by Dre Powerbeats 2 wireless headphones?
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XciteMe1312/18 4:26AM
is anyone actually gonna see the fantastic four reboot next year?NightMareBunny112/18 4:16AM
I can't quite identify what I don't like about the PS3 inFamous games...raymanfan1612/18 4:02AM
I'm not much of a fan of Ryan Adams or Oasis, but I love this Wonderwall cover.Far-Queue512/18 3:55AM
how should a man react to a woman having an emotional outburst? (Poll)
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Retroxgamer01912/18 3:44AM