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Don't kick snow at a cat's face.
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SunWuKung4202212/17 12:29PM
Where's Ryuhi, Maviss, Syco, Drinktop or whatever the **** his name was?ultragoat512/17 12:23PM
So I hear police finally managed to shut down Piratebay for good.
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Lobomoon4012/17 12:00PM
Is Genghis Khan seen negatively because he's Asian?
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What happened to Interstellar?
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I had David Jaffe reply to me on twitterJoanOfArcade312/17 11:11AM
Buffy > Dollhouse > Angel > Firefly > Agents of SHIELDCaptain-Trips312/17 10:53AM
Abs/Muscles on females, why is that bad?
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InfestedAdam1412/17 10:43AM
So this is inside an airport.
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Brett81812/17 10:32AM
Some guy in a tractor trailer truck pulled out in front of me...twa556312/17 10:01AM
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