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So, the Halloween steam sale...
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AllstarSniper321710/31 6:49PM
When I propose, I'm gonna carry a ring and a sack of s*** with meBNVshark1231010/31 6:49PM
Netflix hates the Wii USkynyrdRocker610/31 6:49PM
I can't tell if this is hilarious or depressingAwesomeTurtwig610/31 6:49PM
Do you like "tank" controls in games? (Poll)Core1019910/31 6:49PM
Did you eat/are you going to eat any candy today? (Poll)Lerry757210/31 6:49PM
Rate this Superhero/Hero/Antihero Day 261 Simon Belmont (Poll)scubasteve42310/31 6:48PM
Rate this Villain Day 259 Dracula (Poll)scubasteve42410/31 6:48PM
Attn: Raga, Turt and one other person (L4D2)
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Dynalo3310/31 6:47PM
My friend asked me to lend her $200 for rent
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Erik_P3210/31 6:47PM
I ordered a JP N3DS...Ao_Ryuu54510/31 6:46PM
Nothing's scarier than real people: Therefor ~ HALLOWEEN COUNTERSTRIKELokarin810/31 6:45PM
Ive got roughy a 1"x1" square of free space i wanna get tattooed
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argonautweekynd2910/31 6:45PM
No kids are trick-or-treating in my neighbourhood right now.
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Dynalo1410/31 6:44PM
Do you get bitter, angry, or scroogy around the holidays? (Oct-Dec) (Poll)IAmNowGone1010/31 6:43PM
Reese's is the worst that's right I said it
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bachewychomp3110/31 6:42PM
Christians of PotD, now is the time to take a stand against Halloween.
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Queen_Awakening1610/31 6:40PM
I'd rather a game have no story than a bad story.Zareth210/31 6:38PM
Cartoon Network backs off from First Gay Kiss Ever on hit TV Show!!! (Poll)
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Full Throttle3210/31 6:36PM
Starting my annual EarthBound run. Come name my characters and favorite stuff!
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Xade766510/31 6:35PM