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The hottest girl I've ever had sex with was a hooker
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WaterImp2210/23 12:56AM
Bought heavy rain with my ps3 what should i know before I playSILENTGHOSTS96710/23 12:55AM
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Do you like pumpkin flavored things? (Poll)
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SkynyrdRocker2510/23 12:45AM
Tell me what you think of me, potd.Jen01251010/23 12:45AM
Hey guys, what did the neckbeard do after dining at a fine restaurant?EclairReturns410/23 12:39AM
Rate the INTRO SEQUENCE. Vol 54 Alundra 2 (PS1) (Poll)Blaqthourne510/23 12:37AM
Ketchup or Mustard? (Poll)
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Lerry7572610/23 12:29AM
What condiments for chicken tenders?
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BigOlePappy3010/23 12:28AM
Another year, another attempt at NaNoWriMo (writer's topic, I suppose)
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Raganork101910/23 12:22AM
What is the best country? (Poll)
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brisashi1410/23 12:20AM
This 20 y/o U.S Soldier killed his Beautiful g/f cause a man bought her Liquor! (Poll)Full Throttle710/23 12:18AM
Anyone else just not feeling the "magnetism" to the PS4.
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VioletZer01210/23 12:16AM
Have you ever hooked up with a fat girl?
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OmegaM2310/23 12:12AM
Meet the most TERRIFYING Man in Mexico whose Catholic family disowned him...:/ (Poll)
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Full Throttle1110/23 12:09AM
People are strange when you're a stranger.Chef_Excellence510/23 12:08AM
12 AM time to listen to some new music
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acesxhigh2610/23 12:07AM
DeltaBladeX group giveaway on SteamGifts - Dementium II HDDeltaBladeX910/23 12:04AM
Have you seen the film, "A Long Way Down"FellWolf310/23 12:00AM
You see a dude in public wearing a fedora. (Poll)Xade76710/22 11:56PM