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why people old dumb people complain about hatred when scarface exists?yourDaddie510/20 10:12AM
What is your thought on the "Common Core" in education?
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Real_Account1210/20 10:10AM
It's time for some PotD Ginormo SwordDelicinq4610/20 10:01AM
Anyone else think that SpongeBob and Patrick are now like the guys from Biodome?HealthyLunatic210/20 10:00AM
Are you a compulsive reloader in video games that have guns?
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bachewychomp4010/20 9:59AM
Describe your high school experience with a video game title.
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BigOlePappy3510/20 9:50AM
If a girl has ebola is she still a 919?
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Last_Wordz2410/20 9:49AM
Today I saw a guy wearing a US flag capeAwesomeTurtwig310/20 9:48AM
attn RJP_XJoanOfArcade510/20 9:43AM
Rate this Superhero/Hero/Antihero Day 249 Earthworm Jim (Poll)scubasteve42510/20 9:37AM
Rate this Villain Day 247 Bob the Killer Goldfish (Poll)scubasteve42610/20 9:36AM
will Pokemon Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire Be Better Then Pokemon X/Y? (Poll)
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NightMareBunny1210/20 9:35AM
I'm in New York today.SunWuKung420310/20 9:35AM
What's the longest you went w/o spending $$$$$? (Poll)pionear610/20 9:34AM
Best job I ever hadTIE543110/20 9:31AM
This happened like 10 minutes away from my house...DirtBasedSoap110/20 9:30AM
Who would you prefer to rule over your country? (Poll)yourDaddie310/20 9:26AM
Why do they call it a "half eighth" of marijuana?
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bachewychomp2310/20 9:22AM
What cocktail should I order tonight?
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kriemhilde002010/20 9:16AM
So there's a new game called 'Hatred' causing controversy...
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pionear4510/20 9:13AM