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Why do you have an Xbox instead of a Playstation?
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BNVshark123217/19 10:42PM
TIL Toothpaste is not a good supplement for shaving creamKl0wn_Numb3rs97/19 10:41PM
Diablo 3 Ultimate Evil Edition comes out next month
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Boogieonover117/19 10:21PM
Scream vocals, Y U SO HARDCSRouge9637/19 10:10PM
Surround sound + stereoscopic 3D thunderstorm + lightning flasher + wifi fans.bluPython57/19 10:06PM
Lok's Play: Long Live the Queen!
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Lokarin207/19 10:03PM
Would you work even if you had several hundred million in the bank? (Closed)WastelandCowboy87/19 10:01PM
Taylor Swift wears 14 dollar dress when going out.BushidoEffect357/19 9:55PM
Bill Gates no longer worlds richest man.bluPython77/19 9:31PM
What is your least favorite alcoholic beverage?
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Dan0429137/19 9:31PM
Marriage is great man
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Boogieonover177/19 9:14PM
mother motorboated by son while daughter rides her gif
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HellHole_167/19 9:02PM
I played the Hard Rain L4D2 campaign for the first time.Gastroid27/19 8:55PM
Can mirror no fish guys to sharp?Laffy44417/19 8:50PM
CenturyLink sucksbachewychomp17/19 8:47PM
He will unleash a virus so terrible that the recipient will be...bluPython47/19 8:25PM
itt: helly attempts to enjoy a monster hunter game
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HellHole_787/19 8:07PM
I'm leaving this here.raymanfan167/19 7:53PM
You decide to develop an Atari 2000 game today, and pass it off with a $60 priceWhatPoll57/19 7:38PM
I don't get metal concerts.Dmess8597/19 7:33PM