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Oh my god. Virtue's Last Reward is PHENOMENAL!
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Raganork102010/18 2:29AM
I don't have the DVD add-on for my XBox, so I watched the Halo CE DVD in my PS2.Blaqthourne510/18 2:26AM
Icoyaredededdy210/18 1:45AM
So why didn't anyone say that Killing Floor was free this weekend?AllstarSniper32910/18 1:41AM
US sends 3000 troops to "fight" Ebola. Is this real??
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AC_Dragonfire2710/18 1:23AM
Why hasn't anything like Live Aid happened on that scale since then?raymanfan1310/18 1:17AM
Yaoi is good because it gets nerdy chicks interested in gay rights.
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CiIantro1510/18 12:43AM
GUYS, It's almost time!AwesomeTurtwig110/18 12:41AM
Meet the most TERRIFYING Man in Mexico whose Catholic family disowned him...:/ (Poll)Full Throttle510/18 12:36AM
This 28 y/o American Psycho tossed Sex Toys out the window to 13-15 y/o Girls! (Poll)
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Full Throttle1110/18 12:35AM
tonight's South Park is the best this season
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Muscles_4202610/18 12:30AM
Why does everyone in the Matrix wear sunglasses?Metro2210/18 12:22AM
Fatal Frame is a way better name than Zero/Project Zero.
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Zareth1410/18 12:05AM
My transformice account is 4 years old now.RikkuSwirls510/17 11:37PM
How does one be a man?
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knightoffire551810/17 11:12PM
So yeah the Carrie remake had some of the best special effects I have seenJoanOfArcade110/17 11:07PM
I'm really drunk right now. AMA (Poll)
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knightoffire551110/17 11:04PM
Does HD ruin some shows or movies?
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tarnishedash1110/17 11:04PM
Team Gamegrumps Vs Team Super Best Friends (Poll)NightMareBunny1010/17 10:56PM
PS4 kills XBOX One in September with 500k+. Michael Pachter was wrong again! (Poll)
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Full Throttle1510/17 10:47PM