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So "competitive" SSB is a farce?
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Someone reminded me of Firefly earlier and now I'm really sad.
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I was an official parade ice cream vendor today.Gamechamp3k17/27 3:02AM
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What do you use? BC/AD or BCE/CE? (Poll)
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OMGScoots looks a lot like ICOYAROmegaTomHank87/27 2:01AM
Holy crap Red from Orange is the New Black was in Dragon AgeBoogieonover67/27 1:58AM
favorite SSB4 newcomer so far? (Poll)
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This White Man shot and killed a Black Teen Girl cause he feared for his life.. (Poll)
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Rate this cartoon /10 - day494 - Arthur (Poll)
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Hello, Moe's Tavern (Poll)
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Are there to many useless polls here? (Poll)
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Pitbull is the reason I don't sing in the shower anymore...WhiskeyDisk57/26 11:30PM
If 4kids edit The Walking Dead and showed it on their channel...Aaron20b37/26 11:25PM