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Last of Us Stage Showraymanfan117/21 9:28PM
The intro to this Grumps really does show that Arin has like one shtick.raymanfan117/21 9:24PM
What are your top 3 favourite apps for your mobile device?trodi_91137/21 9:23PM
Reddit apps use so much data :/bluPython27/21 9:21PM
Just encountered the grossest-looking boss I've seen in a while (Dark Souls)
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Metalsonic66187/21 9:20PM
Why call it "Start" if it stops the game?
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WhatPoll287/21 9:18PM
ATTN: SarcasthmaKanakiri47/21 9:08PM
There is a 24 hour Subway close to where I movedBoogieonover67/21 9:04PM
My wife is so incredibly pissed off at the world right now...
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quigonzel187/21 9:01PM
Day 9 - Quarter-finals round 1: Best of PotD tourny - Duke Vs Arctic_Sunrise (Poll)
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Ogurisama217/21 9:00PM
Is it worth buying Dollhouse on bluray if I already own it on DVD?bluPython17/21 9:00PM
[Insert topic title here]WhatPoll67/21 8:53PM
Watching Lego Movie right now..
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keyblader1985177/21 8:52PM
Back when I was 5 or 6, during summer, at night, when the AC was on...BNVshark12327/21 8:50PM
I'm in some "swap pages" on face book and this womanBoogieonover27/21 8:48PM
We should play Cards Against Humanity.
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newsuperdude727/21 8:40PM
I had a strange experience at a restaurant recently.anon_977/21 8:30PM
Ask me anything about Fall Out Boy (again)
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Kanakiri327/21 8:29PM
is it just me or do the gamegrumps seem like fake gamers?
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NightMareBunny207/21 8:26PM
PotD, Rate the video game song: Day 24 - Stage 1 (Journey to Silius) (Poll)
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quigonzel127/21 8:25PM