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I think I may have found a nice new Android browser.keyblader198574/19 11:50AM
someone keep smoking skunkweed in my buildingZikten104/19 11:47AM
WOO! Can't stop the train baby!Captain-Trips24/19 11:35AM
10 busses to different conventions are trapped in lava you can only save one (Poll)
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Metal_Gear_Link154/19 11:20AM
$5 Mil but you will feel & act like youre pregnant for the rest of your life (Poll)
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Lerry757144/19 11:09AM
Rate me! (Poll)MrNoobMan54/19 10:38AM
So Batmans voice is Saws voice. NICE.PARAMYTAS94/19 10:32AM
Having children in today's world is so narcissistic.
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VioletZer0884/19 10:28AM
Really, really don't want kids :/
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Junpeiclover254/19 9:46AM
Batman looks lame in the trailer.justaseabass64/19 9:45AM
Does anyone want Schmidt and Cece to end up together? New Girl SPOILERSsaspa34/19 9:36AM
Google you're starting to scare me...Judgmenl104/19 9:17AM
NPD: PS4 Dominates Console Market in March Sony reigns supreme.
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-PS4Life-294/19 8:49AM
My boyfriend and I got stuffed animals at the zoo and he spooned his all night.
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Jen0125194/19 8:41AM
Officer: 'I wanted to be absolutely sure before I used deadly force'Judgmenl84/19 8:28AM
Matthew McConaughey reacts to new Star Wars trailerCaptain-Trips54/19 8:04AM
The new Star Wars trailer is out:
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what the hell does any of this have to do with reese's puffs?!NightMareBunny74/19 8:02AM
Total eclipse of the fart
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Man DBZ Kai's voice acting is really lacking in partsChef_Excellence34/19 7:54AM