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Why did Alien Vs Predator get such bad reviews?
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BigOlePappy1212/22 3:12PM
What would your reaction to this (fake) news article be?Unbridled9212/22 3:11PM
Does the above poster have more hard drive space than you right now?EclairReturns512/22 3:10PM
2014 Game of the Year (Poll)
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knightoffire552812/22 3:05PM
What if there were "mutants" among us. How would you feel about them?
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KainReaver1091912/22 3:01PM
MarioFanatic's Christmas Giveaway topic
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DeltaBladeX2612/22 2:53PM
RDR: Undead Nightmare has one huge caveat.raymanfan1712/22 2:52PM
Wanna come back to early 2000s with me?AllstarSniper32912/22 2:43PM
Is it time yet to share holiday cheer with you, PotD?HeroofDark112/22 2:39PM
If you had a chance to ruin someone financially with bad advice would you do it?
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Solid Sonic1812/22 2:29PM
Your Reaction: Louie Anderson becomes oakland raiders coach next seasonNightMareBunny712/22 2:27PM
Is PotD your most visited forum? (Poll)
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Jvaas2112/22 2:26PM
Hope Solo is hotThe_Sexorcist412/22 2:25PM
Do you own an eighth-generation gaming console? (Poll)
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EclairReturns3412/22 2:25PM
I find this topic offensiveWhatPoll212/22 2:14PM
If you have a Wii U, add me! :D
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Melon_Master5512/22 2:12PM
Hey Wii U owners, the digital deluxe program is ending really soon.
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papercup2112/22 2:10PM
It's cold in the house, my hands are cold and I'm tempted to touch my wife's
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Melon_Master3012/22 2:02PM
GameTok with Lok: Best bosses in platformersLokarin612/22 2:00PM
What was the game or games that made you fall asleep?
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CNN1112/22 1:57PM