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Looking down and thinking "how am I supposed to have sex with this tiny thing?"
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Revisited329/28 3:56PM
Climate change. Scary? (Poll)
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SullyTheStrange339/28 3:52PM
Aggies won yesterday.Mr_melodramatic19/28 3:46PM
Resident Evil Operation Racoon City is so choppyTommy2GoGo19/28 3:33PM
I played the GBA version of Donkey Kong Country for the first time todayJoanOfArcade29/28 3:24PM
Let's eat!Zareth19/28 3:13PM
Have you ever hired an exterminator for inside your house?
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BigOlePappy139/28 3:10PM
My wife doesn't want kids, but I've realized that I do.
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brisashi389/28 3:10PM
I'm doing not so great at this college thing so far.
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Mr_melodramatic119/28 3:08PM
They're the preyCaioNV29/28 2:55PM
I wish "Cool Story Bro" wasn't moddable.
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Judgmenl269/28 2:49PM
Why do women take so long to get ready to do anything?MrArmageddon879/28 2:44PM
PotD I finally found the female analogue to NeckbeardsJudgmenl29/28 2:35PM
how do you say gif? (Poll)
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Ogurisama419/28 2:33PM
Should countries & game developers limit how much you can play video games?
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UraRenge2005239/28 2:33PM
will long hair keep me from getting a job?
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humptyrump279/28 2:03PM
Why didn't the mugger kill Bruce too?
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party_animal07119/28 2:02PM
I'm through giving people money!Dan042939/28 1:56PM
Will the next generation have a concept of money? (wall o' text)SKARDAVNELNATE109/28 1:55PM
...paul from newegg left newegg.helIy29/28 1:55PM